Robert Redmond

I’m originally from Tacoma, Washington, and after living all over the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and California I’ve finally retired and settled in a nice little town on the California Coast called Santa Cruz.  I worked as a surveyor for over 30 years and while I made a decent living at it, fabricating jewelry has always been a hobby and passion of mine.

So it was a natural fit when I retired a few years ago to turn my little hobby into a full fledged business.  The internet has been a great help and after finally figuring out all the “how to’s and do’s and don’ts” we’re finally about to make it happen, thanks to WordPress and Etsy and my wife, Ronni, who takes care of that part of it!

I cut all my own stones gathered from all over the  place.  I’ve been digging around rocks for as long as I can remember and a few years ago spent some time in Magdalena and  Taxco, Mexico finding some of the finest Mexican Fire Opals I’ve ever seen.  Some are available now on our website in the form of really nice manufactured rings, pendants and earrings.  Everything on the site has been hand made at my shop.

I’m fascinated with Ammonite and find myself working more and more with it.  Ammonite is not a gemstone, but rather a sea creature fossil formed millions of years ago.  The colors in the pieces I’ve been working with are  as vibrant as any gemstones I’ve seen and are also available in the Veronique catalog.  I’ll be working with more of this and offering new designs as we move forward.

Thanks for taking time to look at our website.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me as  I try to be sure everyone’s a satisfied customer.

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  1. Can`t find any info for business address or telephone only web?????

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