Jewelry “Sampling” ~ Best of our Best!

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“Veronique of Santa Cruz” is in the process of moving from Etsy to  We should be operational by March 1.  The same style, genre & quality of our unique inventory (remember, they’re usually one-of-a-kind pieces) will be available on the new site. If you’ll sign up for emails on our site (top right corner) you’ll be notified when the change takes effect.”

Just a note here.  We’re a mom and pop type outfit.  With the exception of a few vintage items, everything’s made in our shop; none of that “Made in China” stuff here.  And if you’re looking for lizards and frog designs you’ll have to go somewhere else.  Our jewelry is classic and tailored and fits in anywhere.


2 responses to “Jewelry “Sampling” ~ Best of our Best!

  1. Your site is not coming through on Etsy. Has the site been cancelled?

    • Veronique of Santa Cruz was suspended by Etsy last month because my husband, Robert, the owner of the account passed away. I’m in the process of changing the site to It should be operational in the next week or so. The same type of items (remember, they’re usually one-of-a-kind) will be available on our new site. If you’ll sign up for emails on our site I’ll be sure and notify you when the change is in effect.

      Thank you for your inquiry. Veronica Redmond, Santa Cruz CA

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