Beautiful Handcrafted Ammonite Gemstone Ring!

Ammonite Ring R-449 $185.00
One of the nicest rings in our collection. Beautiful ammonite gemstone with vibrant green, amber, yellow, orange colors enhanced by your natural surroundings. This is a beautiful piece of jewelry and one that will bring lots of compliments.
Ring 18 x 13 mm
Ring .925 Silver
Size 7

Order Info for above Pendant:      Link: Veronique of Santa Cruz    Use Coupon Code VOSCR449A

This featured item is discounted 20% using the Coupon Code above and includes free shipping.  Every item in our inventory is handmade, so once it’s sold it’s no longer available but can be special ordered.   That’s it!  No gimmicks, no tricks.  If you like it you can buy it.

Just a note here.  We’re a mom and pop type outfit.  Everything’s made in our shop, none of that “Made in China” stuff here.  And if you’re looking for lizards and frog designs you’ll have to go somewhere else.  Our jewelry is classic and tailored and fits in anywhere.  We aim to please and if you have any questions just contact us.

My name’s Robert Redmond and I live in Santa Cruz CA.  My email address is:  Look forward to hearing from you!

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